• Workshops, fellowships at THATCamp MCN

    We’ve decided to add four workshops to the schedule for THATCamp MCN. I’ll be teaching Introduction to Omeka, and Patrick Murray-John will be teaching Advanced Omeka. See the workshops page for more information. I’m also looking for two more instructors who’d be willing to share their knowledge of particular technology skills — write me at gro.p1527039199macta1527039199ht@nc1527039199m1527039199 if you’d like to teach something, or if there’s something particular you’d like to learn.

    Also, if you or anyone you know (impoverished graduate students?) needs travel funds, be aware that you can apply for a $500 Kress Fellowship until August 1. As August progresses, I’ll be soliciting session proposals from all participants. Cheers!


  1. Eek, you mean you don’t know it already? It’s super-fun. Better known by archivists, I suppose. But I think it’s definitely going to take off in teaching since the launch of omeka.net, which is really easy to use and has great applications in things like History courses.

  2. I’m looking forward to these! I’ve been wanting to learn Omeka for ages now.

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