• MCN sessions redux

    I notice that there are MCN sessions on things that overlap our interests here (sometimes also on Saturday). So, what do people think of THATCamp sessions that look back at what we’ve learned in the THATCamp spirit of discussion and putting together something actionable? For example, if you got an introduction to Linked Open Data and need to talk through what the heck it’s all about and what to do with it, a THATCamp non-sage-on-the-stage session to do that might help. (And yes, if you go to the LOD talks and that’s your first intro to it, you WILL need to talk through it!)

    I’d be happy to convene sessions about Drupal and/or Linked Data, but I want to float the idea as it might apply to anything you might want to yack and hack on more from MCN.


  1. Amanda,

    Thanks….but I actually intended this idea as a general call for people to think about what topics from MCN they want to talk more about, and break up into different sessions for THATCamp, based on discussion at the planning meeting in the morning.

    Of course, if people want a general MCN recap circle, I’m game for that too, but it’d be different from what I had in mind.

    Either way is good!

  2. That is a great idea, Patrick. We could all sit in a circle and report out, as it were. I’m not actually going to any MCN sessions, but I’m sure many people at THATCamp MCN will have.

  3. Patrick,

    I think this is a wonderful idea, especially for those of us who were not able to go to MCN but are nevertheless attending THATCamp. I’d love a session on linked data and RDF, since I’m currently getting interested in that and would love to see how museums use linked data in their collections.

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