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(Please ask any THATCamp questions on the THATCamp forums at -- I'm no longer THATCamp Coordinator.)

I am now a member of the THATCamp Council, and I am the former THATCamp Coordinator and Research Assistant Professor at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University, in which capacity I provided support for THATCamp organizers and participants, maintained, traveled to some (not all!) THATCamps, and directed large-scale projects such as the Proceedings of THATCamp. Before that, I worked with the NYU Archives and Public History program on an NHPRC-funded project to create a model digital curriculum for historian-archivists. I held the Council on Library and Information Resources Postdoctoral Fellowship at NCSU Libraries from 2004 to 2006, and afterward taught graduate and undergraduate courses at NCSU in Victorian literature and poetry as well as in the digital humanities and in advanced academic research methods. At the University of Virginia, while earning my doctorate in English, I encoded texts in first SGML and then XML for the Rossetti Archive and the Electronic Text Center. My 2004 dissertation was a history of the villanelle, the poetic form of Dylan Thomas' "Do not go gentle into that good night" and Elizabeth Bishop's "One Art."

  • Welcome to THATCamp MCN – logistics


    Hi all! Looking forward to a great day. A couple of notes: do please pick up your THATCamp / Culture Hack badge on the Embassy level. Culture Hack will be in International North (one flight up), and THATCamp sessions will be on the Embassy level in the Manila and Singapore rooms. See the schedule for specific sessions.

  • Preparing for THATCamp MCN and Culture Hack


    Amanda French here, overall THATCamp Coordinator and (which is rare) chief organizer of The Humanities and Technology Camp, Museum Computer Network edition. We’re now just ten days away from THATCamp MCN and Culture Hack Dat on 11/19, and I wanted to give you more info about what we’ve got planned.

    Badges and scheduling

    We’ll be issuing badges starting at 8:30am, and those badges will enable you to attend THATCamp MCN and Culture Hack sessions as well as entitling you to attend the MCN meeting plenary at 4pm (but not any other MCN sessions). Note that the time slots on our schedule don’t overlap exactly with MCN sessions; if you are registered for MCN as well, please plan accordingly.

    Your profile and login

    If you’re receiving this e-mail, you’re definitely accepted and registered for THATCamp MCN and/or Culture Hack Day: some login information and acceptance notifications have apparently been sent to spam folders. Visit and click the “Lost password” link on the login page if you don’t know your password. Then log in and update your profile so that everyone can see what you’re about by browsing our Participants page.


    We’ve currently got four workshops planned: Intro to Omeka, Advanced Omeka, HistoryPin, and Augmented Reality. See for full descriptions and workshop preparations and prerequisites.

    Now is the time to start thinking about what you’d like to do or talk about at THATCamp MCN, and I’ll be sending more reminders in the days to come. If you’re not familiar with the unconference model, you might want to read our page about THATCamp, but also and especially our page on Proposing a Session. The best way to approach it might be to describe whatever professional problem is currently bothering you most, and to pose your session proposal in such a way that you’ll get help with that problem. You can even propose to teach another workshop, if you like — Miguel Palma has indicated that he’d be willing to teach us about Metaio, for instance.

    To propose a session, log in at and write a blog post outlining your session idea. To write and publish your blog post, go to Posts –> Add New, write your post, and then click Publish. Your blog post will be published to the main page of the THATCamp MCN site, which will allow us all to read and comment on it.

    Starting in the 9am session on Saturday, we’ll all discuss together which sessions we want to hold that day and when, and you’ll have a chance then to propose new sessions or to ask for a particular time slot (perhaps one that doesn’t conflict with an MCN session) on the schedule.

    Culture Hack

    If you’d rather be hacking than yakking in the unconference sessions (or taking workshops), then you can take part in the Culture Hack, where you’ll get the chance to develop with cultural heritage data, do paper prototyping, and more.

    Questions? Write me at gro.p1529629969macta1529629969ht@of1529629969ni1529629969. Looking forward to seeing you soon!




    Amanda L. French, Ph.D.
    THATCamp Coordinator
    Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media
    George Mason University
    Get THATCamp news by e-mail at
  • Workshops, fellowships at THATCamp MCN


    We’ve decided to add four workshops to the schedule for THATCamp MCN. I’ll be teaching Introduction to Omeka, and Patrick Murray-John will be teaching Advanced Omeka. See the workshops page for more information. I’m also looking for two more instructors who’d be willing to share their knowledge of particular technology skills — write me at gro.p1529629969macta1529629969ht@nc1529629969m1529629969 if you’d like to teach something, or if there’s something particular you’d like to learn.

    Also, if you or anyone you know (impoverished graduate students?) needs travel funds, be aware that you can apply for a $500 Kress Fellowship until August 1. As August progresses, I’ll be soliciting session proposals from all participants. Cheers!

  • THATCamp MCN registrations open!


    Registrations for THATCamp Museum Computer Network are now open! See our registration page for more information about registration and a link to the registration form. Additional information about location, transportation, and lodging will be added to this site in the coming weeks.

    THATCamps are dynamic experiences. As soon as you register, you can propose a session idea on this blog, and we’ll post a loose session schedule by September 1st. These sessions will be fluid, and the schedule may change on the day of the unconference as new conversations begin in other sessions. There are no presentations at an unconference: sessions will instead be collaborative discussions or working sessions that will address issues, problems, joys, and/or opportunities related to technology, museums, collaboration, and/or innovation. See our page on proposing a session for more information about unconference sessions.

  • Join us in Atlanta for ThatCamp MCN!


    THATCamp MCN invites anyone interested in how computers, media, new technology and mobile platforms continue to change the way museums emerge, evolve and operate. ThatCamp MCN will be in Atlanta on Saturday, November 19, 2011.

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