Kathryn  Wilson

  • Title / Position: Associate Professor

I have a PhD in folklore from University of Pennsylvania and worked in public history for 11 years in Philadelphia (Historical Society of PA, Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies) before joining the faculty at Georgia State in the History department and Heritage Preservation Program. During my time in the public sector I worked on some rudimentary online education projects and was involved in the (now obselete) redesign of HSP's website. I attended the 2001 School for Scanning, but am not a tech person -- I know what metadata is but I don't write code! I am particularly interested in low cost, open source solutions for collecting, preserving and sharing the results of community-based history and culture projects and using online tools for collaboration between students and students and communities. My own research focuses on immigrant and ethnic communities -- specifically Philadelphia's Chinatown at present -- and I would like to document Atlanta's refugee communities over the long term.

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