Melissa  Martin


I am a finishing up my PhD. in Literature. My areas of focus are nineteenth century American literature, women's writing, visual culture, and justice studies. I am also very interested in figuring out how to practice a more interdisciplinary pedagogy (and I certainly expect that learning to do more digitally will help me achieve that). My background in the humanities is far stronger than my background in technology; my background in long distance running falls somewhere in between.

  • Curating Conversations


    I would love to hear about how THATCampMCN campers facilitate online conversations among students, museum patrons, and others about specific images and texts.  I am particularly interested in learning about and trying out the features of Omeka, Commentpress and other WordPress plugins, and sites like that allow users to publicly comment on specific aspects of texts or images.  Perhaps we could schedule a time to have a conversation/group exploration of some of the best ways to curate online conversations.  Maybe Jason could show us how Zotero allows for group explorations of sources and such.  I am open to ideas…and help!

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