JoAnn  Zeise

  • Title / Position: Graduate Student

When I was seven, I was so excited at the Davy Crocket house that I got my head stuck between the bars that keeps people from touching anything. It was a painful, but enlightening experience. While other kids played softball or took piano lessons, history was my thing. As a teenager, I participated in Civil War reenacting in one of the few units in the South willing to portray Yankees. I continued to pursue history related activities outside of academia as I got married and had two children. Later, as a preschool teacher, the three-year-olds in my class made Abraham Lincoln cabins out of Popsicle sticks and fingerpained on cutouts of George Washington’s head while other classes made button caterpillars. The desire to play with history would not leave me so I decided return to college. At the University of South Carolina (USC), I majored in History and English and had the good fortune to take several classes with Dr. David Miller, director of the Center for Digital Humanities. I am currently a graduate student at USC in the Public History program. I am concentrating in historic preservation while also pursuing a museum certificate. I am a graduate assistant in exhibitions at the McKissick Museum on campus. P.S. I recently downloaded the old-school version of Galga on my kids Xbox, but my score is too embarrassing to admit.

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