• Culture Hack Day

    “Hackers believe that essential lessons can be learned about the systems—about the world—from taking things apart, seeing how they work, and using this knowledge to create new and more interesting things.” – Steven Levy, Journalist

    Are you a developer, digital designer, project manager, arts professional, strategist or creative?

    You can take part in the first Culture Hack USA, happening as part of THATCamp and MCN on 19th November 2011. Sign up to the free event here. You don’t need any previous experience of attending hack days.

    Culture Hack is inspired by the hacker ethos of doing things in the simplest way possible with the maximum effect. Culture Hack enables technology, creative and cultural sectors to try new things out in the short space of time, creating experimental products and ideas away from day-to-day business pressures and agendas. Culture Hack involves:

    • ‘Hacking’ for Technologists – working with cultural data APIs, turning ideas into first stage working prototypes
    • ‘Ideas Hacking’ for Everyone – fast moving idea creation, problem solving and paper prototyping sessions
    • ‘Debate’ for Everyone – thought-provoking conversations which aim to increase the understanding of technological possibilities and open data

    The first Culture Hack Day in London, UK, in January 2011 brought together over 150 software developers, creative and cultural professionals to make exciting new products and talk innovation. Data came from the BBC, National Maritime Museum, Welsh National Opera and UK Film Council and included things such as digital archives, stage calls from theatres and listings from cinemas. Since then, Culture Hacks have been hosted all over the UK and beyond…

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    Culture Hack Day MCN is sponsored by the Balboa Park Online Collaborative (BPOC) and the British Council.

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