• Fellowships

    The fellowship application period has now ended.


    Art museum professionals and graduate students who are studying toward a professional Art History or Museum Studies degree who have applied to THATCamp MCN are eligible for Kress THATCamp fellowships in the amount of $500. These fellowships are funded by the Samuel H. Kress Foundation for the purpose of furthering knowledge of digital skills, issues, and methods for those who do or will work toward “advancing the history, conservation, and enjoyment of the vast heritage of European art, architecture, and archaeology from antiquity to the 19th century.” We regret to say that we cannot give Kress THATCamp fellowships to non-U.S. citizens; the administrative overhead related to visas and taxes is too high. But please also note that both U.S. and non-U.S. art museum professionals and graduate students are also eligible to apply for fellowships to attend other THATCamps anywhere in the world, from Southern California to Switzerland.

    The deadline for applying is August 1, 2011 August 15, 2011. All information you submit will remain private. A total of four fellowships will be awarded: we will notify you of the status of your application by early July 2011. Note: You must also gro.p1524287030macta1524287030ht@of1524287030ni1524287030 or else forfeit or return the funds. The report should evaluate THATCamp MCN and should describe what (if anything) you learned and how you might apply this learning to subsequent projects. If for any reason you cannot accept the fellowship (because, for instance, you cannot attend THATCamp MCN after all), then we will award the fellowship funds to the applicant with the next highest scores.

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