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  • General discussion – How can we use Augmented Reality to enhance a museum’s collection?


    Augmented reality is beyond the hype phase. Today, it is used by mechanics to repair cars, families to decide which toys to buy and stores to share the joy of Christmas. But enough about mechanics and retailers … we’re at a museum conference after all!

    At THATCamp, I’m proposing a discussion around one question:


    In this general brainstorming discussion, I invite everyone — curators, researchers, technologists, museum goers —  to discuss this question in an open and casual environment. If you have other questions in mind such as:

    • What is augmented reality?
    • How is augmented reality being used today by other people?
    • Have other museums introduced AR to their collections?
    … we will take 10 minutes to cover “the basics.” And once we’re all jogging at the same pace, we’ll get our pencils and papers out and get to the meat of the session: how can AR be used to enhance a museum’s collection? (using many, many videos as references for what’s possible in AR)

  • Digital Humanities Scholars: Leaders Needed for the Future of Museums


    This session will continue the discussion subsequent to the 39th Annual Museum Computer Network Conference panel, “Philosophical Leadership Needed for the Future: Digital Humanities Scholars in Museums.” This crowdsourced panel will present 1-5 minute video responses from an open call to the community of professionals in archives, libraries, museums and universities as they reflect on the barriers and benefits of implementing digital humanities methodologies in museums. THATCamp MCN participants are encouraged to contribute a video to the panel via YouTube prior to the Museum Computer Network and THATCamp conferences. This general discussion seeks to further explore how the progress made by digital humanities scholars can guide museum workers as they serve constituents in a new media culture.

    Follow the link above to the panel page on the Museum Computer Network Conference site for more information about how to participate. Contact me by e-mail at moc.l1527039222iamg@1527039222relmi1527039222ts.la1527039222en1527039222 or on Twitter @nealstimler if you have any questions about the Museum Computer panel or the THATCamp general discussion.

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